Biletsky Law - Trademark LawTrademark protection extends to much more than just your logo or brand, it is a large area of law that also encompasses servicemarks, trade dress, websites, brand dilution, and much more. To protect your brand from being used by others, trademark registration will help secure your brand, logo, and trade dress.

  • Conflict Search Analysis – Before moving forward with your brand or product, it is important to determine whether the mark is in use or if there are potentially conflicting uses.

  • Registration – Federal trademark registration helps protect your brand and also allows the owner of the brand to make use of trademark laws designed to prevent unfair competition or the dilution of a brand.

  • Office Action Response – Often times when trademark applications are not filed by an attorney, the United States Patent and Trademark Office send an office action requiring additional steps to be taken. Failure to adhere to strict rules and deadlines could result in your trademark being abandoned or refused registration.

  • Cease and desist – Unauthorized use or confusingly similar brands can hurt profitability and tarnish or dilute a brand. It is important to have any infringement stopped immediately.

  • International Trademarks – Registering your trademark through the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) system will help protect your intellectual property on an international scale.
  • Trade Secrets – Protecting the products or services of your business is an essential step to keep you ahead of your competitors.