Biletsky Law - Television LawBeing a part of the production of a television show requires that different components including actors, directors, and producers all come together to help create the production. With these components come contracts that are filled with important deal points that can determine your level of success. Biletsky Law has the tools and experience necessary to provide you with the information and services needed to maximize your potential whether you are on the creative, technical, or corporate side of the production.

  • Rights dealsWhether a television show is based on someone’s life, a previous writing, or a screen play, it is important that you be able to market your writing while also protecting the contents and concepts of the writing.

  • Acting contracts – Important deal points including compensation, credits, and other accommodations are vital to ensuring that your performance receives the maximum benefit.

  • Producer contracts – When being a part of the development of a television series it is essential to be provided with enough creative power and that you are adequately compensated for your work.

  • Director contracts – Recognition and creativity are some of the cornerstone deal points of director contracts that are needed for a successful project.

  • Financing – Acquiring the necessary financing for a television show is an integral part of the production process. Being able to convey your project ideas in an effective format can help attract the necessary financing. After securing the financing, it is important to make sure that the funds are appropriately utilized and distributed.

  • Location – Where you shoot heavily influences a television series in both a creative and financial manner. Making sure that your locations are reserved and have the appropriate liability disclaimers can help determine the success of a motion picture project.

  • Product placement – Inserting products into a television series is an important way to raise revenues, promote brands, and to convey the right message to your viewers.

  • Reality show – The legal issues that come with a producing or staring in a reality show are unique and require legal assistance to maximize exposure and compensation.