Biletsky Law - Music LawThe past decade has completely changed the music industry for musicians and consumers alike. It is important to have a professional who is aware of the new business models that the music industry is constantly developing. Biletsky Law works with musicians to provide the guidance and tools to capitalize on your creative and technical skills.

  • Recording & Publishing contracts – A milestone in a musician’s career is when they are approached by a record or publishing label. Ensuring that the musician maximizes compensation and retains control are key concepts in these contracts.

  • Live performance agreements – Performing at shows and going on tour present a unique and complex blend of issues that requires a musician to have the right performance agreements in place.

  • Sponsorship & Merchandising agreements – Revenue from sponsorships and merchandising can help contribute to a very successful musical career. It is important that musicians have control and knowledge about their sponsors and how a musician’s merchandise is being sold.

  • Master use & Synchronization licenses – Having a song licensed can lead to great exposure of the musician and can be a key source of revenue.

  • Distribution contracts – In the changing world of how music is purchased, digital distribution plays a vital role in who is able to purchase the music and how they are able to share your music.

  • Copyright Protect your content by taking advantage of the applicable copyright laws.

  • Trademark Protect your brand to ensure that your reputation remains intact.