Biletsky Law - Literary LawIn the competitive literary and writing industries it is important that you are able to protect your work, especially when sharing your writings with other professionals. Biletsky Law will ensure that you are equipped with the proper agreements to maximize the protection and compensation of your creative labors.

  • Option purchase contracts – When an author is approached about having their work turned into a media format, important deal points such as retention of rights, compensation, and creative input are important factors to consider.

  • Publishing agreements – The publishing of an author’s work can be one of the most important milestones in getting exposure and recognition.

  • Collaboration agreements – When working with others, you need to be have a signed agreement which sets forth the terms of the relationship. This helps to prevent future disputes that may arise.

  • Defamation – The internet is a modern forum where the public can publish statements and information about others. Often, this information infringes upon the rights of others. It is important that you protect your safety and reputation if someone has published defamatory statements against you.

  • Copyright Protect your content by taking advantage of the applicable copyright laws.

  • Trademark Protect your brand to ensure that your reputation remains intact.