Biletsky Law - Nutrition LawThe recent explosion in the health and nutrition industry has resulted in a giant marketplace for supplements, recipes, and diet plans. With each of these products comes important trade secrets and intellectual property rights which must be protected and licensed appropriately to ensure maximum compensation as well as protection from liability.

  • Supplement Production & Distribution – Supplements help provide the body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to help achieve particular goals. Owners of these products need to have the proper agreements in place to ensure that their products end up where they need to.

  • Recipe licensing & Sales – Allowing others to use your recipes is a great way to allow others to achieve the results that the recipes are intended to have. A successful recipe can result in a great amount of attention and it is important that the author retain the necessary rights and receive the maximum compensation.

  • Diet licensing & Sales – Creating diets and allowing others to use those diets is a great way to spread a dietitian’s name and brand. Successful diets can lead to a substantial revenue stream for the creating dietitian.

  • Trademark Protecting the image of your brand is important to prevent third parties from being able to profit from your product or services as well as to prevent potential tarnishment from the unauthorized use of your brand.

  • Trade Secrets – Protecting the products or services of your business is an essential step to keep you ahead of your competitors.