Biletsky Law - Fitness Law

Recent trends in staying fit and healthy have ushered in a new wave of fitness professionals and have revitalized the marketplace for existing members of the industry. The marketplace for such professionals has been expanding exponentially over the past several years and it seems to continue to be growing. With such growth comes emerging issues in fitness law. Biletsky Law can provide advice and services to fitness professionals to help maximize the reach of your audience and the profitability of your work.

In addition to the intellectual property rights that come with exercise guides, diets, and recipes, there are an assortment of agreements and legal issues that fitness models and professionals may encounter.

  • Endorsement & Sponsorship agreements – Fitness professionals and nutritionist can promote their brand and products through the use of endorsements and sponsorships. Ensuring the protection of your name and likeness are important aspects of these agreements.
  • Hosting agreements – Being invited or obtaining a hosting position can help open up new windows and opportunities in the industry.
  • Competitions – An integral part of many fitness professionals revolve around competitions. Maximizing exposure and profitability are essential when competing.
  • Recipe licensing & Sales – Allowing others to use your recipes is a great way to allow others to achieve the results that the recipes are intended to have. A successful recipe can result in a great amount of attention and it is important that the author retain the necessary rights and receive the maximum compensation.
  • Diet licensing & Sales – Creating diets and allowing others to use those diets is a great way to spread a dietitian’s name and brand. Successful diets can lead to a substantial revenue stream for the creating dietitian.