Biletsky Law - Fashion LawEmerging technology and trends in the design, marketing, and sales of fashion have led to new opportunities and challenges. Biletsky Law can provide the services and tools needed to get your fashion designs and concepts off the ground and into the stores and marketplaces where your products belong.

  • Licensing agreements – There are many important deal points that need to be addressed when a designer is approached by someone wanting to license their creations.

  • Factoring agreements – New models in production have resulted in an increase in having factoring agreements in place.

  • Sales representative agreements – When allowing a sales representative to market your products it is important that the sales representative be required to promote the designer’s brand in the best of light.

  • Location agreements – Where a product is sold and displayed requires specific deal points of a location agreement to be in place.

  • Distribution agreements – The distribution of a fashion product makes up some of the largest sources of revenue for a designer. Distribution agreements help maximize a designer’s profits and promote the designer’s brand.

  • Copyright Protect your content by taking advantage of the applicable copyright laws.

  • Trademark Protect your brand to ensure that your reputation remains intact.